6 Types of Plastic Surgery to Stay With the Belly and Plump 1

6 Types of Plastic Surgery to Stay With the Belly and Plump

Liposuction, liposculpture and the various variations of tummy tucks are the cosmetic surgeries that leaves the abdomen free of fat and with the appearance and plump, like that of a model. The following are the main types and what is the recovery of each one of them.

1. Liposuction

Liposuction is especially indicated for those who need to remove the fat located in the lower part of the navel, top, or sides of the abdomen, but which do not need to remove the excess skin.

In this type of aesthetic treatment can be withdrawn acumulos fat, improving the body contour, but that it has the desired effect, the person should be near your ideal weight, so that the result is proportional.

  • How is the recovery: liposuction lasts about 2 hours and recovery is about 2 months, being required to do sessions of lymphatic drainage, a minimum of 3 times per week to remove excess liquid, and use the strap so they are not marks on the abdomen, or to form points of fibrosis, which are the parts more hard, and that can leave the stomach with a wavy look.

2. Liposuction

In liposuction the plastic surgeon removes the localized fat of the belly, and strategically place the fat in another location of the body, in order to improve the body contour. Usually the fat removed from the abdomen is put on the thighs or the buttocks but the results can be seen after approximately 45 days after the procedure.

This aesthetic treatment is also in need of care in the postoperative period so that you have the expected results, and therefore it is necessary to use a strap on all treated areas and make a lymphatic drainage for removing excess fluids that form in these regions.

  • How is the recovery: recovery can be a little bit more time-consuming than other procedures because more than one area of the body is treated on the same day.

3. Full abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is particularly indicated to remove localized fat and excess skin that was left after a large weight loss. This procedure requires more care than liposuction but can be done when the person still is not within your ideal weight.

In this procedure, the plastic surgeon may also sew the rectus sheath to leave the belly still firmer, preventing the coupling of this muscle, that may generate the diastasis abdominal, very common after pregnancy.

  • How is the recovery: The excess skin and the sagging of the belly can be fully eliminated in this type of plastic surgery, and the results can be seen after 2 or 3 months of operation. However, as the worked area is larger, this type of procedure has a recovery time-consuming and the results may take 3 or 4 months to be noticed.

4. Tummy tuck modified

The tummy tuck modified is the one where the region of fat and skin that will be removed are only in the region located below the navel. It is particularly indicated for people who have managed to lose weight and reach the ideal weight, but who were left with a tummy with loose, similar to a ‘fanny pack’.

To make this type of plastic surgery, care is needed as not smoking, not taking medicine hormone and anticoagulants prior to surgery.

  • How is the recovery: after surgery you need to use the brace and do lymphatic drainage on the first, and in the second month. Usually the end result can be seen after 1 month of the procedure.

5. Mini tummy tuck

In the mini tummy tuck is performed a cut only in the lower region of the navel, closer to the pubic area, which can be useful to remove the build-up of fat in that location, or to correct scars, with that of cesaria, or other cosmetic procedure.

The recovery here is faster because the region to be treated is smaller, however, also requires the same care, with the use of the strap and the lymphatic drainage sessions in the first month after surgery.

  • How is the recovery: As the intention here is the correction of a scar, the results can be seen in the 2nd week, that is when the area is less swollen and you can see the outline of the new scar, that despite being larger and go from one side to the other of the body, is more thin, and you should stay inconspicuous with the passage of time. Usually after 6 months to 1 year of the correction, the person is only a line thin at the site of the old scar.

6. Associated techniques

In addition to these options, the doctor may still associate techniques in the same surgical procedure and for this he may choose to do a liposuction on the top and side of the abdomen, and then only do a tummy tuck modified, for example.

  • How is the recovery: it is Not very time-consuming when the worked area is smaller, but when the doctor choose to do a full abdominoplasty with liposuction in the same procedure of the recovery can be time-consuming and the person may need help every day, to dress, to go to the bathroom and take a shower for more than 1 month.

The best way to know what the ideal treatment for each person is going in a consultation with the plastic surgeon, which may indicate the areas that can be treated and the treatment options available.

6 Types of Plastic Surgery to Stay With the Belly and Plump 1