5 Tips for Using the Hair Removal Cream Properly 1

5 Tips for Using the Hair Removal Cream Properly

The use of hair removal cream is an option of hair removal quite practical and easy, especially when you want a quick result and without pain. However, as it does not remove hair by the root, the result is little long-lasting, and may notice the growth of hair in just 2 days, especially in the case of men.

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The hair removal cream can be used in almost all parts of the body, including the legs, arms, back, underarms, belly and chest, and, there are even special editions for the most sensitive skins that can be used in regions more fragile as the face or groin, for example.

To use the cream properly and get the best results, you should:

1. Apply the cream on the skin

The cream should be applied on clean skin with the help of a spatula, which is normally provided along with the cream, in a homogeneous layer. The cream can also be applied with the hands, but then it is very important to wash your hands with plenty of soap and water, to neutralize the effect of the cream to avoid irritation of the skin.

Once the clean skin provides the best results, the ideal is to do a scrub about 2 days before the waxing to remove the dead skin cells that can end up decreasing the effect of the cream, since they reduce the contact area with the hair.

2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes

After being applied on the skin, the cream needs a few minutes to act on the hair and remove it, therefore, should not be removed immediately after application. The ideal is to wait between 5 to 10 minutes, or follow the directions on the box of the product.

3. Remove the cream

After waiting at least 5 minutes, you can already remove the cream from the skin, however, it is advisable to first try out in a small area of the skin, to observe how the hair come out in that location. If the hair still cannot be removed easily, one should wait more 1 or 2 minutes and re-test.

To remove the hair, you can use the same spatula that he used to spread the cream. There are also depilatory creams that are sold together with a sponge that can be used during the bath to remove the cream.

4. Wash the skin with water

Although the greater part of the cream is removed with the help of the spatula or the sponge, it is very important to pass water in the site where is doing the hair removal in order to neutralize the effect of the cream to avoid causing irritation of the skin. Thus, the ideal is to make the hair prior to the bath, for example, since the water and the shower gel will ensure that all the cream is removed.

5. Apply a soothing cream

Once the hair removal cream can cause a slight irritation of the skin, after hair removal is very important to apply a soothing cream, with aloe, for example, to soothe inflammation of the skin and get a smoother result.

Options hair removal cream

There are several types of hair removal cream on the market, produced by various brands. Some of the most popular are:

  • Veet;
  • Depi Roll;
  • Avon;
  • Neorly;

Almost all of these brands have a cream for sensitive skin, to the intimate area, as well as to make the hair removal male.

To choose the best cream you should experiment with various brands and observe the effects that arise in the skin and the ease with which the hair is removed. Since the different creams have different compositions, there are some that work best with a type of skin that with another.

How it works the hair removal cream

The depilatory creams have a combination of chemical substances in its formulation which can destroy the structure of the proteins of the hair, known as keratin. When the keratin is affected, the hair becomes thinner and weak breaking easily from the root, allowing it to be easily removed with a spatula.

Thus, the depilatory cream works almost like a blade, but chemically removing the hair, but leaving the root in the skin. For this reason, the hair grows faster than with other methods that remove hair by the root, as the wax or the tweezers, for example.

5 Tips for Using the Hair Removal Cream Properly 1