5 Care to Have a Skin Young and Beautiful 1

5 Care to Have a Skin Young and Beautiful

These 5 care to have a skin young and beautiful should be followed daily:

1st to Protect the skin from sunlight

Use sunscreen whenever you leave the house and not just when going to the beach. The action of the ultraviolet rays causes profound changes to the skin, aging the skin.

2 Keep the skin clean

Use emulsions creamy milk or cleaning liquid soaps. Dry skins should not be cleaned with soap. For oily skins, it is best to use cleaning solutions that are not oily. Without waste, the skin breathe better. The maximum limit for cleaning is three times a day.

3rd Hydrate always skin

A moisturized skin holds a layer of natural protection. Even oily skins need to be hydrated, because you also lose water, being the best moisturizing non-oily. For sensitive skin, avoid products with alcohol.

4 take good Care of the intestine

Adopt a diet low in fats and rich in fiber and natural foods because it prevents constipation, and other problems that can affect the gut and, consequently, the skin.Include lactobacillus in your daily diet, such as yogurt and Yakult, because they benefit the intestinal flora.

5 Exfoliate the skin to accelerate the cell renewal

This process helps in removal of dirt and dead skin cells, and stimulate the production of collagen and improve the local circulation, reducing the skin blemishes. The scrubs should be used once a week.

Following these care is important so that the skin on the face is healthy and beautiful, free of marks and imperfections.

To keep skin beautiful, it is also important to do lymphatic drainage on the face.

5 Care to Have a Skin Young and Beautiful 1