5 Care to Ensure the Results of the Lipocavitação 1

5 Care to Ensure the Results of the Lipocavitação

The Lipocavitação, also known as liposuction without surgery, is a cosmetic procedure with few risks, indicated to eliminate localized fat and cellulite, especially in the regions of the belly, thighs, flanks and back. As with all aesthetic procedure, it does not always work, because each body works differently.

In Lipocavitação, the waves using ultrasonic emitted by the device penetrates into the cells of fats and cause it to implode, directing them to the bloodstream and lymphatic. In this way, this procedure can eliminate up to 80 % of the fat is located, being indicated to model and define the body. Learn more about this technique in Lipocavitação – Learn about the treatment that eliminates localized fat.

You can not Work?

Like all cosmetic procedure, there is always the risk of Lipocavitação not work, not checking for the expected results. This is because each body works differently, and so responding differently to each treatment.

In addition, there are some cautions, such as the realization of physical exercises aerobic or lymphatic drainage, that help ensure the success of the treatment.

5 Care to Ensure the Success of the Treatment

Although each body is different and respond differently to treatment, there are some essential care that will help ensure the success of the treatment such as:

  1. Ensure that performs the procedure with a professional trained and certified;
  2. Physical exercise aerobic up to 4 hours after each session to ensure the elimination of the released fat, as it required the practice of exercises with high caloric expenditure, such as swimming or running on a treadmill, for example;
  3. Perform lymphatic drainage for up to 4 hours after each treatment to ensure maximum elimination of fat and toxins generated by the treatment;
  4. Ensure that the equipment used are certified, through the consultation of the brand for example;
  5. Ensure that the treatment lasts for at least 25 minutes, since less than this may not be effective or may need to be a greater number of sessions, even if true results.
  6. In addition, the power supply is also a key factor for the success of the Lipocavitação, and should be avoided fats such as fried foods, sugary foods such as biscuit, stuffed or processed foods such as sausage, sausage or processed food frozen.

The Lipocavitação although it is an aesthetic treatment with few risks, it is contra-indicated during pregnancy and for patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity or heart disease. Get to know all the risks of this technique in All the Dangers of the Lipocavitação.

5 Care to Ensure the Results of the Lipocavitação 1