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What Is the Argiloterapia

The Argiloterapia is a beauty treatment that uses products based on clay for skin care and hair, and there are therefore 2 types of Argiloterapia, which is performed on the face and body or which is held in the hair. The Argiloterapia on the face and body desinflama and detoxifies the by, while the Argiloterapia on the hair removes the impurities of the wires, leaving the hair soft, glossy and healthy.

The masks with clay are considered to be the oldest preparations for cosmetic purposes, and is therefore used for many generations in the treatment of the beauty. The clays have a strong ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals and impurities, at the same time that they transfer to the skin several minerals and beneficial nutrients.

Benefits of Argiloterapia for the Body and for the Face

The Argiloterapia on the face and body, also known as argiloterapia body, consists in the application of clay to the medical directly on the skin, to reduce inflammation, detoxify and improve blood circulation.

The treatments with clay are indicated for the treatment of dry skin, acne or other skin problems such as psoriasis, and is also ideal to finish off the tiredness, relax or treat pain in the back.

Generally, these treatment should be done 1 time per week and clay should act on the skin for 20 minutes.

Benefits of Argiloterapia to the Hair

The Argiloterapia in the hair, also known as argiloterapia capillary consists in the application of products to the base of clay on the wires and on the scalp, so as to increase the hydration and the glow of the wires.

This technique works as a sort of peeling, because it is first the clay will remove all impurities of the strands, root and scalp in a single application, which is ideal for the treatment of problems such as hair loss or dandruff. It is recommended that the treatment be done at least 1 time per week, during 10 weeks in a row.

After the first applications, the hair may appear to be more dry due to the removal of the impurities, but at the end of a few sessions the hair will become progressively more soft, glossy and healthy.

Learn about the different types of Clay used

There are different types of clay that can be used in aesthetic treatments, and each type has its benefits and specific properties:

  • White clay:displays properties wound healing and antisséptica, that promote the regeneration, cleansing and healing the skin. This type of clay is especially indicated for the treatment of acne or for the whitening of the skin, while improving blood circulation.
  • Green clayor Gray: they are rich in silicon and zinc, which makes you bring properties astringent and purifying. For this reason, are particularly suited to control oil, purify the skin and treatment of acne. When applied on the body, they help improve skin elasticity and fight cellulite.
  • Red clay:is rich in iron oxide, and is therefore particularly indicated for the treatment of redness and facial flushing. Has properties, tension, and action that regulates the blood flow and vascular. When applied in the body, this clay helps to reduce flaccidity and to activate the microcirculation.
  • Yellow clay:it is rich in silicon and potassium, presenting properties that remineralizam the collagen of the skin. For this reason, this clay nourishes the skin in depth, helping in reconstituting cellular and combating aging of the skin. It is great to remove impurities and purify the skin.
  • Clay Red:is rich in magnesium, and this is why it is ideal for improving the appearance of the skin, giving you a more youthful and radiant. Has an action ionic, stimulating and nutritious, being used in the elimination of toxins, the impurities of the body and for the nourishment of the skin.

Some clays can also be beneficial for the body to be ingested, such as strengthening the immune system or the purification of the body. See how to use the Clay Bentonite to strengthen the immune system in 3 Ways to Use the Clay Bentonite. However, it is advised that you consult your doctor before starting an alternative treatment with clay, because this therapy is contraindicated in case of constipation, high blood pressure or intestinal obstruction.

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