Treatments to Eliminate Fine Wrinkles or Deep 1

Treatments to Eliminate Fine Wrinkles or Deep

The treatment for wrinkles can be done with the application of a cream anti-wrinkle or through physiotherapy aesthetics, which can be made with manual techniques and use of equipment such as laser, pulsed light, peeling, or radio frequency, for example.

These treatments are indicated to eliminate all type of marks on the skin, achieving excellent results even in cases where there are many wrinkles or very deep.

Usually, wrinkles appear around the mouth, eyes, on the line between the nose and the mouth and between the eyebrows, particularly affecting women due to issues hormonal. Care in the prevention and in the treatment of wrinkles should begin at 25 years of age, but it can be done from any age.

Treatments for fine wrinkles or expression lines

Treatment for expression wrinkles, which usually appear around the lips and eyes, should be started as soon as these marks appear, showing small lines in the skin to smile or make a facial expression brava. In this way, some treatment options may be:

  • Sessions of intense pulsed light every week to even out skin tone
  • Sessions of radio frequency of 15 in 15 days to improve the production of new cells collagen and elastin, which give support to the skin
  • Daily use of a good cream anti-wrinkle which contains the right ingredients, such as sunscreen, growth factors and sun protection, which can be purchased in specialized shops or prepared at the pharmacy of manipulation, but in this case it is necessary the prescription of the dermatologist.

The treatment for wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth can be done initially with the use of creams anti-wrinkle because they possess properties that help to moisturize and firming the skin, giving you greater support, being advised to pass the cream 2 times a day, in the morning and another at night.

Treatments for deep wrinkles

Treatment for deep wrinkles, which appear on the face, neck and arms, around 45 to 50 years, can be done with the use of:

  • Peeling with acids, which must be applied by the physiotherapist aesthetics specialist or dermatologist
  • Techniques of manual therapy to mobilize the tissues of the face with strengthening, stretching and mobilization of the facial muscles
  • Weekly sessions of CO2 Laser
  • Weekly sessions of radio frequency that promotes new cells of collagen and elastin, essential for firmness of the skin

In addition, can also be recommended to fill with hyaluronic acid in form of cream or injection, in the office of the dermatologist or in the latter case, plastic surgery such as facelift for when the person has lots of wrinkles, deep and in need of an immediate result. But still the sessions of physiotherapy dermato functional are useful both immediately before, and immediately following the procedure, harmonizing the face and improving the results of surgery.

How to diminish wrinkles at home

In addition to the treatments listed above, to supplement at home, it is recommended to maintain good hydration of the skin of the whole body but mainly the face. So you need to drink about 2 liters of water per day, use liquid soaps because they do not ressecam the skin, and still:

  • Wash the face with mineral water, water, casein, or thermal water, because they do not have chlorine, which is known for drying out the skin;
  • Take care of the food consuming collagen on a daily basis. See which foods you should eat to have fewer wrinkles and what is the food supplement which helps to maintain the support of the skin;
  • Always use a cream anti-age in the face with sun protection factor. Learn the ingredients that can not miss in your cream anti-wrinkle
  • Do gymnastics facial stretching the important muscles that do the opposite effect of the wrinkles
  • Use a hat and sunglasses quality always that is exposed to the sun or to clarity and to avoid contraction of the muscles around the eyes and forehead, avoiding the formation of wrinkles in these regions.

The secret to maintaining beautiful skin, firm and hydrated is also to have a healthy life, eating well and taking care of the skin externally with the most suitable products for each skin type, but it is also important not to smoke, because the cigarette smoke is harmful to health and also causes damage in skin, favoring the formation of wrinkles in the upper part of the mouth, popularly known as ‘bar code’.

Treatments to Eliminate Fine Wrinkles or Deep 1