How to Take Care of Straight Hair 1

How to Take Care of Straight Hair

To take care of the hair straightened chemically it is necessary to use quality products and always moisturize very well to the wires because the chemical used causes the wires to lose their natural swing and connections of the sulfur present in the cortex of the hair fiber are broken, which leaves the hair thinner and brittle.

Some good products to take care of straight hair are:

  • Creme defrizante Oil Free, Viscaya, by having creatine, cupuaçu butter and keratin to prolong the smooth effect after the smoothing, and
  • Treatment cream hair regeneration is complete, the Silk, which holds 20 assets that restore the fissures of the hair damaged by hair straightening.

As the hair straightened tends to get dry very easily it is important to:

  • Do not wash your hair every day;
  • Always use a conditioner after washing with shampoo;
  • To finish you should use a cream to comb, or apply a silicone on the tips so that the wires are not piled up.
  • Make a good hydration, at home or in the salon, 1 time per week.

It is important that, to retouch the smoothing, this will only be done on the part of the hair that has already grown, and one should avoid using the dryer and flat iron frequently.

How to Take Care of Straight Hair 1